It's All Gone Rustic!

rustic home decor


Rustic décor is the 'new thing' in terms of home decor with people decorating their homes by giving it an old world charm. Rustic décor can be made part of quirky and contemporary interiors as well as to add some charm to an existing space. When it comes to the modern and abstract, with the right materials, you can achieve a rustic décor around your house quite easily and on a budget!

Here are some ways in which you can achieve rustic decors with an easy budget. Some of these ideas may even provoke quirkier ideas for you.

For the living room:

Love putting up pictures in your living room? There is an easy way for you to find more place to hang your pictures. Old window frames are an excellent way to add some rustic design to your living room. Simply repaint them in an antique fashion and bolt them to the wall. Alternatively, you could use the space between each divider in the window to hang your photos. Another way to make this setup look charming is to use a vintage wall decal

For the Bedroom:

If you are into metallic rusty items, then you can get a wall decal with a glossy or matte metallic finish. No matter how many items you have on a wall, a cute look like here would make any guest turn their heads around. A metallic decal can be made to fit the size of your room. Nonetheless, it is going to give some bold and rustic look to your new home.

For the Kitchen:

Most of the utensils are washed or are being washed. But what if you can create a complete mix and match set on the table to serve. The colors are going to be super vibrant and the look of your table is be a lot more of a gypsy style. The freespirit or the boho influence in our homes is a good way to start.

Designing your room need not be perfect. It only has to be elegant and poise.

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