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We're glad you visited as we want to share our story with you!

So Where Did it all Start?

It all started in early 2017 when we bought our first home and wanted to add personality to our bleak beige walls. The home decor in our local big-box stores weren't inspiring us and their options certainly didn't reflex our lifestyle, so we turned to the internet. Inspired by YouTube DIY'ers, we realized we had the skills to create the home we dreamed of--coat racks made from upcycled finds at vintage shops, one-of-a-kind shelving made from salvaged walnut wood and galvanized piping, and of course, beautiful hand painted canvases!

We wanted to share this with other people and thus, The Wall Art Guys was born. We know not everyone has the time or desire to build things on their own, or the artistic ability to paint, so we wanted to make decor easy for people by providing modern & inspirational designs for their homes while also saving them a few extra dollars! 

Our family is based in Northern California, but our love for travel and adventures sees us off camping in the Sierra Nevadas, beach-bumming in Mexico, and eating our way through Asia for a big chunk of the year.